Zenit company is a manufacturer of professional weapon lights, laser designators and weapon upgrade. Zenit was founded on the 13th of December, 1994. We began our journey by producing small LED flashlights. Now, more than 20 years since the founding of our company, these small flashlights evolved into an entire line of professional weapon-mounted lights for service and hunting firearms, as well as powerful stationary and shield-mounted projectors. In 2006, we became the official supplier of tactical lights and projectors to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Besides LED lights, we actively develop laser modules in both visible red (or green) and infra-red spectrums, often combined with visible or infra-red illuminating devices. With the appearance of tactical light modules with integrated lasers arose the question of how they were to be mounted reliably onto a firearm, reducing the possibility that the target indicator would shift. The commercially-available AK platform furniture of the time did not guarantee an acceptable level of reliability and stability. For this reason, Zenit Company management approved the development of our own line of railed AK platform furniture now designated as the “Classic” series. Over time, we successfully developed several variants of handguards, optics platforms, muzzle-devices, butt-stocks, and grips that have now become classics, like their namesake, with the use of service and civilian firearms popular inside of the Russian Federation and countries where these arms are imported. In 2015, the “Classic” line was officially accepted for issue to personnel by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Our products have earned high praise from operations divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, FSO, and Ministry of Defense. One of the most important aspects of our company’s work is communication with users. Taking into consideration results from field tests and criticism from operatives in the field, we constantly modernize our existing accessories and constantly develop new ones based on feedback. Our company provides warranty and post-warranty services for all of our products, including repairs. We have our own modern metalworking stations, including metal treatment stands, milling stations, multicoordinate processing centres, coating equipment, qualified personnel, and our own design bureau. All of our products are developed internally by “Zenit” Company. New products are released every quarter year. Zenit Company is an international leader in the industry of light, laser, and weapon modification production.


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L'univers Accessoire est entièrement dédié a toutes les améliorations externes d'une réplique : Garde-main, lampe, laser, optiques, sangles, crosse, etc.

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